Start a Monthly Giving Program in 3 Simple Steps

A monthly giving program has the power to double your donor retention rate. Harness this tried-and-true fundraising method for your organization in just 3 steps!

recurring gifts processor

1. Get set for monthly giving with our recurring gifts processor.

Through our pre-authorized payment processing service called EFT, you can offer donors a seamless way to give monthly.

EFT sends payments from donors’ accounts on a schedule that you set up to our secure SafeSave Gateway.

Because EFT integrates with DonorPerfect, all monthly gifts are instantly reflected in DonorPerfect and acknowledged via email. EFT makes the administrative aspect of maintaining a monthly giving program a piece of cake.

Monthly Giving Starter Kit

3. Download DonorPerfect’s FREE Monthly Giving Starter Kit.

Monthly giving expert Erica Waasdorp dives deep into the stats, strategies, and successes that make monthly giving a fundraising must. Get the Monthly Giving Starter Kit free!