Monthly Giving
Starter Kit

The donors in your database are an abundance of funds waiting to be utilized. With the right strategy and tools, you can turn them into dedicated monthly donors.

We outline the best practices, communication techniques, and segmentation strategies to help your organization start a worthwhile recurring donor program.

You’ll learn the best strategies to…

  • Convince your board to start a recurring donor program
  • Administrate your recurring donor program efficiently
  • Treat recurring donors right
  • Ask your donors to give monthly in the proper manner

In addition, we’ll show you how DonorPerfect’s unique tools tools will allow you to…

  • Calculate the impact of converting 3% to 15% of your donors
  • Organize your processes and recognition to maximize impact
  • Process monthly donations using DonorPerfect
  • Organize your monthly donation processing options
Group Reviewing Monthly Giving Starter Kit

Once your Monthly Giving Program with DonorPerfect is established, it will enable your organization to:

  1. Retain more of your donors for many years
  2. Raise more money
  3. Worry less about cash flow and focus more on your mission
  4. Give your donors the convenience they’ll love
  5. Leave all the busywork to DonorPerfect payment services

With the help of this starter kit, you’ll be fully prepared to start and grow your own recurring donor program.

Get started today!