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Make sure you’re getting the most out of your DonorPerfect system.

When you’re starting out with DonorPerfect, we know you’ve got setup on your mind. But what about adopting day-to-day best practices and ensuring that you’re utilizing DonorPerfect’s powerful fundraising features to the fullest extent?

DonorPerfect’s HealthCheck could enhance the way you:

  • Use your DonorPerfect system. Be confident knowing you’re utilizing DonorPerfect to its fullcapacity.
  • Complete data entry by speeding up and automating tasks.
  • Process and acknowledge gifts using our latest features and system updates.

During your HealthCheck, a DonorPerfect team member will:

  • Review your DonorPerfect software package to ensure you’re using all included features.
  • Introduce you to DonorPerfect’s latest features.
  • Review data entry protocol, processes, and report details to ensure you’re working efficiently.
  • Recommend that your staff perform administrative tasks that clean-up your system, such as: duplicate removal and inactivating unused codes, filters, reports, and more.
  • Run Counter Report Listing on key fields to ensure you’re capturing data correctly.
  • Review your mail merge templates, acknowledgments, security settings, DonorPerfect
  • Payment Services status, and more

After your HealthCheck, you can choose to:

  • Share your learnings with staff members to improve your workflow.
  • Pursue training, products, or services recommended by your DonorPerfect HealthCheck consultant.