Structured Consultative Services

Excited by DonorPerfect's new fundraising consulting services

We offer Consultative Services to ensure your internal and external needs from your current fundraising database are maintained as you transition to DonorPerfect.

Our specialists will collaborate with you to develop a comprehensive understanding of the type of information you currently track.

  • Review of current data entry forms
  • Discussion of current deliverables
  • Integration with other software


Consultative Services are available to new DonorPerfect clients to make sure the transition to a new fundraising database is a smooth one. Our staff will meet with you in-person or by telephone to assess your data needs. By understanding what information you currently track, we will equip your new software with the appropriate field and features to ensure your success.

  • Do you track memberships?
  • Does your organization have unique legal entities?
  • Will you want wealth screening?
  • Do you take online donations or registrations?

Answers to these questions and more will form the basis of your customized consultation.


  • Understanding of a relational database and datafiles used in DonorPerfect
  • Analysis of data that is no longer pertinent
  • Collaborative experience in the customization of your fields and screens
  • Coordination with your dedicated resources in the Implementation Department


Prior to engaging in one of the consultative options, you will complete an online form that determines your current and future data requirements. Our professional services staff will review your answers collaboratively with you and gain insight into your current software entry forms, deliverables, and software integrations.

On-Site – One and one-half days are spent with our specialist at your office determining how you currently manage your fundraising database. A preliminary screen design is completed. We will also make recommendations on how DonorPerfect’s entry screens and integrated processes can be used. After the visit, all additional fields will be designed.

consultative services at DonorPerfect