Your Giving Tuesday Donor Engagement Journey

Your Giving Tuesday Donor Engagement Journey


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When it comes to first impressions, Giving Tuesday is your time to shine. Many donors are deciding to make their very first gift to a cause. So how will they feel about their very first giving experience with your organization?
The key to turning a first-time donor into a long-time supporter is to craft a donor engagement strategy that compels someone to donate and wows well beyond the buzz of Giving Tuesday.
That’s right. In addition to November 30th, you’ll want to adopt a keen focus on “Welcome Wednesday” – the day after Giving Tuesday – as well as the weeks that follow. (We recommend prepping for Welcome Wednesday by refreshing your new donor welcome series. Need some help? Use these free template kits that will have you set in a flash.)
Now it’s time to get started on building your Giving Tuesday donor journey! Hold a brainstorming meeting with staff, board members, and even some enthusiastic donors or supporters who can serve as valuable contributors to your Giving Tuesday campaign. As a group, consider the ideas and questions below to help guide your discussion as you work to build your campaign from a donor’s perspective. Complete the statement at the end of each section as the basis for all that you’ll plan for November 30th.

How Will Your Giving Tuesday Campaign Make Donors Feel?

Emotion plays an integral part in the success of your Giving Tuesday campaign. As you begin to brainstorm ideas for your Giving Tuesday campaign, what kind of emotions do you want to elicit from your donors?
Donors gain new ideas from your campaign, specifically around the kind of change they’d like to be a part of in the world.
Donors feel your invitation to them to give is a calling, and they’re drawn to support your campaign and champion your mission.
Donors are enthusiastic about your cause and are willing to go beyond giving to lend their talents and time to help you succeed.
Donors have faith in your organization to provide solutions to problems they see in their community, their country, internationally, or in society as a whole.
As a donor, 
’s [Example: Coral Acres Food Pantry] Giving Tuesday campaign makes me feel 
 [Example: appointed to feed families in need who live in my community].