DonorPerfect Customer Care


DonorPerfect Customer Care

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DonorPerfect shows love and appreciation through its customer care process. First, by designing you and your organization a custom onboarding experience, then providing building blocks and best practices, then guiding you through your daily tasks with help from top-notch support specialists.

Finally, we make you part of the process by asking for your feedback. What would make you more successful? What enhancements would you like to see? We’ll work together to bring your vision to life!

DonorPerfect Customer Care

New customer onboarding

  • Get a guided tour of key fundraising features
  • Customize your onboarding experience and timeline
  • Move your donor records to ensure data integrity
  • Review your data in live phone conversations
  • Learn best practices through virtual training
  • Design your system around the way you work

On-demand training

  • Learn and implement best practices
  • Work more efficiently in DonorPerfect
  • Smoothly transition new staff members
  • Get role-based training to meet your needs
  • Improve data integrity and reduce errors
  • Earn approved CFRE credits

Support & satisfaction

  • Email, call or chat with seasoned experts
  • Attend user meetings and free webinars
  • Network with your DonorPerfect community
  • Share tips and best practices with other users
  • Troubleshoot via virtual desktop-sharing
  • Get DonorPerfect tips and product updates

Client-led success

  • Be the first to know about new features
  • Provide your feedback to promote our efficiency
  • Give input at each stage in the development process
  • Participate in our beta testing programs
  • Suggest new features and integrations
  • Tell us what problems we can help you solve

I always, always, always recommend getting unlimited support. DonorPerfect will walk you through step by step, show you what to do, so you will be able to better retain that information and use it again, but guess what? Even if you don’t, you just call them, and they’ll walk you through it again with a smile on their face.”

– Brenda Helget, A Time to Heal Cancer Foundation

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